For Sale: MCA Commercially Coded 9m Ocean Dynamics Ribworker Aluminium Diesel Jet RIB (440 HP / 324 KW)

Passenger and workboat coded Ribworker: 12 passengers plus 2 crew or 1000 kg cargo or combination, Yanmar 6LY2A-STP 440 HP (1450 hours), Hamilton 274 water jet, aluminium hull.

Fast and fun passenger RIB, capable of power-braking or spinning on its axis – slowly for precision manoeuvring, faster for jet boat spins for exciting passenger trips.

Excellent workboat: towing, precision manoeuvring even at slow speeds in strong tides, pushing and simply carrying gear, operates safely in just 18 inches of water. Ideal dive and rescue boat, with an unusual amount of deck and storage space, no propellers so huge safety and operational advantages.

Ribworkers are known for versatility, manoeuvrability, strength and longevity. Shearwater is an excellent example of a Ribworker, very nimble and responsive for a RIB her size and very economical on fuel (red diesel).

Guide price

Offers are invited in the region of £70,000 (plus VAT if applicable).

No VAT to add if buyer purchases boat with business - please see business sale particulars page for details.

Negotiable according to buyer's requirements for equipment and spares, training and ongoing support (if any).

Viewings welcome by arrangement. Boat currently winterised but engine can be run up ashore.

Happy to launch for prospective buyers to experience the boat at sea, where the boat speaks for itself!

For more information and photos please contact us.

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Included in sale:

  • MCA Commercially Coded 9m Ocean Dynamics Ribworker diesel jet RIB (passenger and workboat coded: 12 passengers plus 2 crew or 1000 kg cargo or combination), Yanmar 6LY2A-STP 440 HP (1450 hours), Hamilton 274 water jet, aluminium hull.
  • All equipment in date and serviced appropriately, up to date survey (September 2018).
  • All operational paperwork (if required) including training manuals.


  • Launch trailer.
  • Range of engine and jet spares and other equipment.
  • Ongoing training and support.

Vessel Specification:

  • Vessel name: Shearwater
  • Vessel condition: very good
  • Manufacturer: Ocean Dynamics
  • Model: Ribworker (Eagle class)
  • Registry: UK
  • Vessel type: RIB
  • No. of engines: 1
  • Engine model: Yanmar 6LY2A-STP
  • Engine power: 440 HP / 324 KW
  • Engine hours: 1450
  • Fuel type: diesel
  • Length over all: 9m
  • Beam: 2.85m (3.45 with tubes inflated)
  • Minimum draft: 0.45m
  • Drive type: jet (Hamilton 274, hydraulic controls)
  • New jet intake grill (2017), new jet bearing and seal (June 2018)
  • Gear box: TwinDisc
  • Hull material: heavy gauge marine aluminium, divided into separate compartments for further safety, further protected by collision bulkheads.
  • Hull type: planing, shallow dreadrise angle enabling optimal planing and minimum draft (approx 18 inches).
  • open transom so fast self-draining, easy access from the water for divers.
  • Hull colour: white
  • Full repaint June 2018: sandblast, 3 layers epoxy, tie coat and 3 layers anti-fouling (hull, engine box and console).
  • Displacement: 3.25 tonnes
  • Tubes: 600mm, heavy duty Hypalon
  • Deck is above water level; unlike many RIBs tubes play no part in keeping the boat afloat in normal working conditions, although they offer massive additional buoyancy and shock absorption in rough seas.
  • Top speed: 34 knots
  • Fuel consumption: typical 1½ hour passenger trip (8-10 nm) 20-25 litres of red diesel – mixture of travelling at speed, Hamilton turns, power-braking and idling watching wildlife. Film charter / safety boat work requires less fuel.
  • Year constructed: 1992 / 2004:
  • base hull manufactured 1992, complete rebuild in 2004 (leaving engine box and console), including:
  • new dwarf walls for new inflatable collar / tubes
  • bow platform, mooring samson and bulkhead (‘pushee bow’)
  • new fuel tank and large aluminium storage locker amidship bolted to aluminium strips welded to the deck.
  • Stern platform with 2 integrated towing and stern anchor mooring samsons and A frame.
  • Aluminium work was done by Mustang Marine / Ocean Dynamics but to Venture Jet’s design (in discussion with Shaun White of Ocean Dynamics).
  • The work was so extensive that it required a full initial survey as per new boat complete with stability tests. The surveyor certified it as ‘restoring to Eagle class’.

Additional features:


  • Bow platform, mooring samson and bulkhead (‘pushee bow’) - integrated bow platform adds additional strength to the main mooring samson, which is welded to the hull; this 'pushee bow' enables precision pushing of platforms etc and can be used for boarding.
  • Large aluminium storage box bolted to aluminium strips welded to the deck; can be removed for additional deck space, to bolt on equipment eg a winch, a pallet, extra seats or wheelchairs.
  • Stern platform with 2 integrated towing and stern anchor mooring samsons and A frame;
  • custom easy access aluminium liferaft cradle sits behind the A frame.


  • Integral high rise exhaust
  • Primary fuel filter system – Racor 900 series
  • Custom fuel cooler
  • Primary and secondary raw water filters with easy access plug
  • Double battery bank
  • Fire retardant soundproofing to engine compartment
  • External fuel shut off valve
  • High level fuel filler

MCA Dual Coded: Passenger and Workboat, operating under MGN 280

  • First certified in 1992, recertified in 2004 externally by Burness Corlett -Three Quays with full initial survey as per new boat. Certified annually thereafter by Burness Corlett -Three Quays.
  • Dual coded: fully coded as a passenger boat for up to 12 passengers and 2 crew but also under the more stringent Workboat code for up to 1000 kg cargo.
  • Workboat coding is essential for anything other than passenger work eg film charter.
  • MCA permitted areas of operation: Category 4 (up to 20 miles from a safe haven in daylight and favourable weather), maximum number of passengers: 12 plus 2 crew.
  • Full equipment to comply with Code / MGN 280 (all in date).

Sale To Include:

  • Fixed DSC Standard Horizon radio x 2
  • Garmin GPS
  • compass
  • navigation lights
  • 1 x 15 kg Bruce anchor and chain
  • 1 x 12 kg Bruce anchor
  • 1 x radar reflector
  • 1 x First aid kit
  • 2 x Life rings
  • 1 x Offshore flare pack (in date)
  • 1 x handheld Standard Horizon radio
  • 2 x Emergency signal cards
  • 3 x Rule automatic bilge pumps
  • 1 x manual bilge pump
  • 4 x Fire extinguisher (rating to comply with MGN 280) plus custom fire plate
  • 14 x thermal protective aids
  • 16 x adult lifejackets
  • 8 x children’s lifejackets
  • 1 x anchor ball
  • 6 x paddles
  • 1 x tow rope

Details correct to the best of our knowledge 25th March, 2019.

Please note: the refit gallery shows the refitting of Atlantic Eagle / Brandaris II, the first 9m Ribworker, not Shearwater, the boat we have for sale. It is the same make, model and size as Shearwater - a 9m Eagle Class Ocean Dynamics Ribworker - but older (36 years old) still working as a salvage and support vessel in the North Sea.

Photos of Brandaris II are included here to show one of many refit options for the 9m Eagle class Ribworker - from an open to a cabin RIB. Aluminium is tremendously versatile; one of the Ribworker's strengths is that they can be refitted to suit new owners.