Ramsey Island Jet Boat Trips, St Davids, Pembrokeshire

For over 30 years we operated unique jet boat trips around the Pembrokeshire islands, offering the fun and excitement of the New Zealand jet boats with the best of Pembrokeshire’s wildlife. It’s been a good long shift. We kept everyone safe - no injuries, no passengers overboard. The lifeboat crew never got to put Shearwater’s name on the board of the rescued.

We were privileged to perform numerous rescues, some easy, some which really got the blood pumping, all of which the boats handled with ease. We have no idea how many thousands of tons of salt water were dumped over us from various directions but we loved it.

Thank you to our awesome crew and passengers, who turned up ready for adventure and worked with us to keep everyone safe. We could not have done it without you.

Covid-19 is clearly going to continue to make life difficult for our immunosuppressed family members for some time so sorry but we won’t be doing any more passenger trips even on a limited basis so the Wet and Wild wildlife adventure is retiring.

We will continue some consultancy and training work, helping those who want to get the best out of their jet boat or to gain confidence in reading the water in the beautiful but challenging waters off the St Davids coast. We can provide advice and practical help on various aspects of setting up and operating RIBs as safely as possible, particularly jets. Our aim has always been to share our passion for the sea, the wildlife and of course jet boats; no-one in the UK has more experience running jet boat trips.

We worked a good long shift and loved it. Thank you so much to everyone who joined us and supported us. We do genuinely miss you and wish you many happy adventurous years and salt water when you need it.

 -- Sorry, we have retired from passenger trips.

Wishing you all safe sailing and kind seas! --


 For training, consultancy and other enquiries please contact us on

+44 (0)1348 837764 or at info@venturejet.co.uk