Tips for people prone to seasickness

Venture Jet Ramsey Island family wildlife boat trip on calm sunny dayIt’s rare for passengers to feel seasick on our type of boat but it can happen so if you have a tendency to motion sickness we would suggest that you talk to a pharmacist. 

People  are more likely to feel sick on slower traditional boats like old ferries – the worst movement is when they wallow in a lumpy sea. RIBS don’t need to wallow and roll from side to side (sorry if the thought makes you queasy!) because they move through the water in a different way.

The key thing is to tell us when you book if you’re worried about seasickness. We can then do our best to book you on a day with good sea conditions and tell the skipper. Please don’t hesitate to tell the skipper or crew if you feel queasy and we’ll do what we can to make you more comfortable. 

Some simple things can really help: bring a bottle of water to sip as we go along and perhaps a salty snack – crackers or crisps – to nibble on. Fizzy pop and sweet things are to be avoided :-). If you sit towards the back of the boat it’s easier to tell the skipper if you feel a bit off. You’re welcome to stand next to the skipper behind the console at times – standing rather than sitting and simply moving around a bit can help enormously. 

It’s worth avoiding wearing anything constricting around your neck and breathing gently through your mouth and crucially keeping your eyes on the horizon – that way your brain and your body are in synch. It’s very rare for someone to feel sick on our boat and we don’t recall anyone feeling sick in good sea conditions but it’s worth talking to a chemist in case because everyone is different and seasickness is miserable.