Jet Boating as usual – for one last season :-)

Jet Boat fun on Bitches reef Ramsey Island St Davids with Venture JetWe have for some time been contemplating old and new adventures and have decided that this will be our last full season. It’s hard to contemplate retirement when we still love being at sea with our passengers but Tim has been driving jet boats around Ramsey for 40 years and Beth for 30 so it’s not exactly early retirement 🙂 .

We will be retiring but the boat won’t be. We’re sure you understand that we are in no rush to part with Shearwater 🙂 but If we can find someone who will take care of our passengers and boat we will pass on our jet boat business adventure and give them every support in taking Venture Jet on and making it their own.

If not our beloved boat will join us in an adventurous retirement until we can find a suitable home for her. If she is still with us next year we will continue to do some charter work and passenger groups but we will not be running scheduled trips as we do now.

We’re taking the perhaps slightly unusual step of telling you all so soon partly because we’ve always said we’ll keep our passengers in the loop but also to force ourselves to stick to our resolution! Check out the blog for future updates.

If you know someone looking for a new marine business adventure please pass this on 🙂 .

So this is it, guys – our last full season. We are looking forward to it, planning more than ever to do everything we can to make the most of everyone’s time on the water be they passenger or crew.

Right now we’re enjoying the birds and seals as usual, persuading Shearwater in and out of tricky spaces and generally having a blast with our passengers.

For one last season it’s jet boating as usual 🙂 . Come and join us!