Yes we really are retiring but not before 2018

Jet boat spin on Jet Therapy trip Venture Jet St DavidsThere seems to be general disbelief that we’re retiring. Many of you are asking what on earth we’re going to do when we stop jetting around Ramsey :-). We have quite a list but Tim will continue to do some jet boat training and consultancy work – he’s not ready to hang up his waterproofs quite yet 🙂 .

This is not an easy thing for us. Venture Jet has never simply been a business. In fact we often forget that it is a business as we tie ourselves in knots trying to do the semi-impossible. We are a small team who have been working together for so long that we know each other better than family.

We are grateful to our passengers, many of whom come every year (some more than once!) who have enabled us to earn a living doing something we love.

We would like to thank you all for your support over the years and for sharing our enthusiasm for Pembrokeshire’s wilder places, its wildlife and of course Ocean Dynamics jet boats – sometimes copied, never equalled.

We are in no rush to sell Shearwater or Venture Jet but we are open to sensible offers for the boat and the business and can be flexible on timing to suit whoever takes the boat and / or the business on. For more info please see here.

Our plans will have no impact on our passengers this year because we are running as usual. If we pass the business on to younger hands before next season then our passengers can look forward to many more years of Shearwater’s particular brand of wildlife adventures. If the boat is still with us next year we will do some film and scientific charter and passenger groups but we will not be running regular scheduled trips as we do now.

Right now we’re enjoying the birds and seals as usual, persuading Shearwater in and out of tricky spaces and generally having a blast with our passengers.

For one last summer it’s jet boating as usual so while we’ll keep you in the loop about what’s happening with the business after this season many of our updates will be more about what’s happening at sea . Come and join us!