‘Will you be running jet boat trips when you retire?’

Jet Boat fun on Bitches reef Ramsey Island St Davids with Venture Jet

‘Will you be running jet boat trips when you retire?’

We hadn’t anticipated so many people asking us this – you’ve clearly noticed that we rather like this jet boating thing πŸ™‚ .

The short answer is no, we won’t be running jet boat trips in retirement but we are likely to have a period of semi-retirement next year (2018) while we discuss plans for the business / Shearwater with interested parties.

Every time we hear Shearwater’s engine rumble frankly retirement doesn’t look appealing. We love being at sea, we adore our boat, the Pemrokeshire coast and wildlife and we love sharing it all with our passengers.

However, we really are retiring. This is our last full season and it will end October / beginning November 2017Β depending on weather.

We expected to have a rather relaxed pre-retirement season this year but our passengers kept us rather busy (thank you, guys πŸ™‚ ) so we’ve focused on them and on keeping the boat running well. Winter is always a time to regroup and to get the paperwork shipshape. This year it will also be a time to further discussions with anyone considering taking the business and / or boat on.

If we can find someone who will enjoy the business and look after our beloved boat (and passengers πŸ™‚ ) then we will work with them and hand over to them in due course and passengers can continue to enjoy jet boat trips off the St Davids coast but in different hands.

If you are contemplating a new adventure or know someone who is then now is the time to think about it so that we can discuss things over the winter.

If we don’t find anyone to take on the jet boating mantle for St Davids we’ll do a more relaxed pre-retirement season πŸ™‚ in 2018 and then rehome Shearwater.

After that we will retire and Shearwater will set sail elsewhere.

At the moment she’s resting on her trailer ready to relaunch in a few weeks. So are we πŸ™‚ .