So what now? Jet Boats & Retirement

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One of our regular passengers joked, “When people retire they buy a boat and move to Pembrokeshire so what are you going to do?”. Turns out we’ve been retired for a while then!

We affectionately referred to the 2018 season, our last full time jet boating season, as SAGA tours. Arnie suggested Sensational Aquatic Geriatric Adventures… Shearwater is on blinding form and we’ve enjoyed making the most of that. After over 30 years we know how … Back in 1975 Shaun launched his Ocean Dynamics Ribworkers as ‘not for the faint hearted’. We’re not faint hearted 🙂 .

Day 1 of retirement looked a lot like work but was rather wetter. We took my brother out for a break from adulting – we have a video here. We had the sea to ourselves and Shearwater glided over a deep jade green sea which was breathtakingly beautiful. Yes, we felt very very fortunate to be able to do it.

While we have the boat we’ll continue to do some jet boat trips and charter next year, albeit on a much quieter scale. We’ve been really touched by the number of people who have asked us about how to book for next year. We’ll be keeping everyone updated via our blog and Facebook and by email where people have asked us to update them individually. If you would like us to email you next season to let you know what’s happening please email us at and we’ll add you to the list.

For those of you who love Ribworker RIBs but can’t justify buying one we’ll be posting videos of the early Ribworkers on Facebook and YouTube over the next few months. Shaun White gave me some Ocean Dynamics videos when we started Venture Jet and as we ease into retirement I’m finally finding some time to cut them into manageable chunks to post – a rather fun trip down memory lane for all of us.

The only problem is Shaun’s videos make me want to buy a Ribworker … They really are addictive 🙂