Easter Sunshine but No Jet Boating Yet

Venture Jet boat film charter with ITV This Morning ITV contacted us this week to ask if we’re still running trips ‘on the beautiful waters of Pembrokeshire’. Lisa Faulkner interviewed Tim 3 years ago for the This Morning programme about what it’s like to run a jet boat business in Pembrokeshire. It’s been pretty amazing so thank you to everyone who’s enabled us to do this crazy thing and make a living out of playing on a jet boat 🙂  .

We’re getting a lot of enquiries along the lines of, ‘We know you’ve retired but when are you running?’ We’re trying to be disciplined about this retirement thing! We’re planning on doing some limited edition jet boat trips in the summer (at normal prices, perhaps 2 or 3 short days a week) but not before late June. 

We’ll be putting the boat on a commercial sales site shortly but these things take time so Shearwater will continue her aventures in Pembrokeshire with and without passengers until she sets sail with new hands at the helm. The time frame will depend on the plans of the new owners but we’ll keep everyone updated.

Have a great Easter weekend everyone.