That End of Term feeling

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Autumn came swiftly this year, with strong winds and swell but we had a perfect weather window to get Shearwater ashore at the beginning of this week. A sleepy Porthgain welcomed her home and she’s now safely ashore while we take the dog boss on holiday.

Gannets flying off Grassholm island, Pembrokeshire, UK

Weather permitting we’ll relaunch in October to take the RSPB team out to Grassholm island to do the annual gannet rescue, freeing birds caught in rope and plastic and tethered to their nests to the point that they can’t leave the island without people cutting them free. It’s heart breaking to see dead birds but wonderful to watch others set off on their adventures after being cut free.

No decisions have been made about the boat or business yet but we’re enjoying easing our way towards retirement. Our semi retirement plans for October include some charter work and hopefully seal watching, diving and fishing with the dog boss (sorry no scheduled passenger trips).