Looking Ahead

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I was trained to always keep an eye on the horizon, not simply to focus on what was around me. “You need to be aware of what’s in the short and middle distance but the horizon shows you what’s coming and gives you time to adjust course”, advised Piers when I crewed for him all those years ago. As ever, his advice has stood me (Beth) in good stead. Our retirement is on the horizon but we are learning that retirement needs passage planning 🙂 .

Our passengers keep teasing us that people dream about a retirement living in Pembrokeshire and ‘messing about in a boat’ so by that yardstick we’ve been retired for years. We do take considerable care ‘messing about on the water’ but nonetheless we are very lucky to do what we do. We are conscious that we are living many people’s dream. It is a luxury to be able to take your dog dolphin watching or fishing; it is sensational to be able to go and blast away the cobwebs surfing or doing Hamilton turns. Ribworkers are solid as a rock but they’re also just darned good fun.

We’ve had a number of enquiries about next season. We’ve even had enquiries for jet boat trips over Christmas and New Year – you hardy souls!

We are expecting to be running some trips next year while we discuss options for the future. Mooching about watching seals and dolphins, exploring caves and enjoying the salt water spray is no hardship – we’re practicing for full time retirement 🙂 . We’ll post updates here on the blog and on Facebook nearer the time.

We wish you all the very best for the new year. May it be a good year for all of you.

Beth, Tim and Vertical