COVID-19 Update for Summer 2020

Venture Jet golden retriever on his jet boatCOVID-19 update for the remainder of the season:

Sorry but we won’t be running passenger trips this season.

Several people close to us are extremely vulnerable to COVID-19 so we’ve been advised that it would be best not to work around groups of people for the next couple of months.

We’re sorry that this is not the update you wanted and very much appreciate your kind comments and affection for Shearwater.

This will be the first summer in over 30 years that we haven’t had passengers to keep us in order at sea 🙂 .

We promise to take good care of Shearwater while planning for next year’s jet boat adventures, whether in our hands or someone else’s.

This isn’t the summer that any of us planned but we do hope you have a good one anyway!
Big hugs to everyone.
Vertical and the Venture Jet team