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New Zealand WaterJet Technology Pembrokeshire-Style

Born in New Zealand the water-jet drives set new standards for adventure, taking on fast flowing rivers and rocky canyons. Jets draw in water and drive it out under pressure, creating the jet stream - awesome fun, safe enough for seals to play in. We operate the only New Zealand jet RIB in West Wales.

  • Early booking is advisable to ensure the trip and time of your choice.

1½ Hour ‘Wet and Wild’ Ramsey Island Wildlife Adventure

Created by passenger demand, our most popular trip ever since.

Our unique blend of wildlife watching and fun with the jet. Enjoy the best of Ramsey Island's wildlife - seals, porpoises, seabirds - explore the dark sea caverns, then head out to open water to experience what makes our jet powered RIB so special: 360° steering, power-braking, awesome buoyancy. A wildlife and adventure activity in one.

We do our best to match passengers to like-minded passengers and appropriate sea conditions so we offer two Wet and Wild options. The Family Wet and Wild is a fun wildlife trip suitable for adults and children of all ages, including small children (age 3+). The Adult Wet and Wild is designed for adults and older children (10+) who want a bit more excitement. You may get wet on this one! More info & images .....

Please call us on +44 (0)1348 837764 and we will be happy to discuss which trip would be most suitable given your interests and the prevailing forecast.

  • 1½ hours Adult £33; child £18
  • 1 hour Mini 'Wet and Wild' Adult £27; child £14


2 Hour Jet Boat Special (Ramsey Island and ‘Puffin islands’)

Extended exploration of Ramsey Island or Puffin Islands (Skomer, North Bishop) or South Bishop lighthouse and fun jet manoeuvres. Explore as only jet RIBs can: enjoy our extended rock-hugging exploration of deep sea caves, coves and awesome cliffs. Enter a wild world of isolated islands, home to thousands of cliff-nesting seabirds, porpoises and seals 'people watching'. Experience why jet boats are unrivalled in global adventure trips: tough enough to cope with anything, highly manoeuvrable, able to turn on their axis within touching distance of cave walls, awesome fun. A unique experience combining a real spirit of adventure with a genuine experience of the wilder side of Pembrokeshire. More info & images .....

  • 2 hours Adult £47; child £25


1¼ hour Ramsey Wildlife Adventure

Our classic wildlife adventure: spectacular water level views of dramatic sea cliffs, caves and quiet coves. Experience the freedom of the seals' world, close-up encounters with seals, porpoises and thousands of cliff-nesting seabirds. No jet boat spins.          More info & images .....

  • 1¼ hours Adult £28; child £15

3 hour Offshore Dolphin Adventure

Experience the wilder side of Pembrokeshire: Grassholm, the Smalls lighthouse, perhaps returning via the South Bishop lighthouse. Explore the rich waters of the Celtic Deep, feeding grounds of dolphins and whales and one of the best places in the UK to see dolphins and whales. Visit the island wildernesses of the Bishops and Clerks, home to seals and Puffins and the world famous Gannet colony on Grassholm, with spectacular diving Gannets and Shearwaters skimming the water. Regular sightings of whales, frequent sightings of dolphins and porpoises. More info & images .....

  • 3 hours Adult £60; child £32

Jet Challenge

Activity trips incorporating a boat trip with an opportunity to take the wheel and learn basic sea skills. Sessions are tailored according to experience and physical ability. No prior sea experience required. Group bookings only. Not available anywhere else in the UK! More info & images .....

From 2 hours to half-day.

  • From 2 hours Adult £47; child £25

For reasons of safety, young people under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. For business purposes we define 'child' as persons under 14.