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Created by passenger demand, our most popular trip ever since.

Unique in the UK, the Wet and Wild is our most popular wildlife trip, enjoying the best of Ramsey Island's wildlife - seals, porpoises, seabirds - exploring the dark sea caverns, then moving away from the island to experience what makes our jet powered RIB so special: 360° steering, power-braking, awesome buoyancy. A wildlife trip with a fun twist.

We do our best to match passengers to like-minded passengers and appropriate sea conditions so we offer two Wet and Wild options.

The Family Wet and Wild (age 3+) is a fun wildlife trip suitable for adults and children of all ages, including small children. Please note: we do our best to schedule Family trips for calm sea conditions. If you like the idea of having some fun with jet manoeuvres but are a bit nervous then this would be a good trip for you.

The Adult Wet and Wild is designed for adults and older children (10+) who want a bit more excitement. You may get wet on this one!

Does the Wet and Wild look a bit radical for you? Why not try the Classic Wildlife Adventure with all of the wildife and caves but without the jet boat spins.

Or do you want a trip that focuses more on fun? Then Jet Therapy may be for you.

Please call us on +44 (0)1348 837764 and we will be happy to discuss which trip would be most suitable given your interests and the prevailing forecast.

  • 1½ hours Adult £33; child £18
  • 1 hour Mini 'Wet and Wild' Adult £27; child £14