What makes the Venture Jet boat so different?

Our boat’s hull design and jet enable it to move in ways which are impossible with outboards eg power braking and jet boat spins or ‘doughnuts’. This unusual manoeuvrability also enables us to explore challenging caves and coastline which are inaccessible to conventional boats. Our boat has no propellers, which is a huge advantage when working as a safety boat or around swimmers and wildlife.

Boat Trips and the St Davids Weather

We plan trips carefully according to weather forecasts. If there's a risk of light showers, we'll run and make the best of it. If the weather is so awful that you're unlikely to be able to enjoy the trip, we will reschedule or you will be refunded in full. We want you to enjoy it!

All trips are subject to sea and weather conditions. If there is an issue with weather or sea conditions we will make every effort to contact passengers so we ask that passengers look for voice and text messages. If you are unable to give us a contact telephone number please contact us the morning of your trip to confirm suitability.

Skipper's decision is final.

Where do your boat trips depart from?

We generally operate from St Justinian (SA62 6PY) but can do beach trips from Whitesands beach (SA62 6PS) in the summer. Other locations by arrangement.

Are there any height / weight restrictions?

No but please tell us if you may need a lifejacket with a chest size greater than 50 inches. Please see terms and conditions below.

Are there any age limits?

Minimum age is 2½ (subject to good sea conditions), there is no maximum but as far as we know our oldest passenger so far was 85. Adult Wet and Wild and Jet Therapy suggested minimum age 10 (for guidance) offshore trips minimum age 8 years (for guidance). Minimum ages for trips are also determined by the prevailing weather and sea conditions.

What happens if I’m late for my boat trip?

We regret that we cannot take responsibility for passengers arriving late and no refund will be given. If possible we will wait but out of respect for other passengers we can wait a maximum of 15 minutes. Please see terms and conditions below.

Do you charge credit card or cancellation fees?

No. Please see terms and conditions below.

Do you see wildlife on your trips?

All our trips are wildlife trips but with a fun twist. They range from the Ramsey Wildlife Adventure, which focuses on the wildlife and caves to Jet Therapy, which focuses on the fun of jet manoeuvres (but still has a little wildlife). We do our best to match passengers to other like-minded passengers and appropriate sea conditions to maximise passenger choice.

Can we bring our dog?

We welcome well behaved dogs on wildlife trips. We do not recommend taking dogs in lively sea conditions or for Jet Therapy trips. If you suspect that your dog might be nervous, we suggest that you arrange with us to let him / her check out the boat beforehand.

If we are unable to take your dog we may be able to offer a dog-sitting service (with your dog in your own car, provided we can open windows as necessary). Do please contact us in advance to arrange this.

Which trips can I take my small children on?

Minimum ages for trips are determined by the prevailing weather and sea conditions. We do our best to schedule trips for small children around the best weather window; minimum age is 2½.

If conditions are not good enough for small children we will do our best to reschedule, offer an alternative trip or will refund in full. We offer family friendly wildlife trips or charters for groups wishing to take youngsters out. The Family Wet and Wild is appropriate for all ages including small children and is tailored to the needs of the youngest. We have child-sized waterproof sailing jackets on board, together with child-sized lifejackets. Please contact us to discuss the individual needs of your children.

What to wear and what to bring for your boat trip

Always wear warm waterproof clothing.

  • Please wear trousers and footwear that can get wet
  • Bring spare trousers and footwear to put on after the trip (you may not need them but it's best to be prepared!)
  • Cameras (in a suitable bag)
  • Binoculars (in a suitable bag)
  • Strap for sunglasses / glasses
  • Sunscreen

Please note: personal possessions are carried entirely at your own risk. Please ensure that you protect cameras, binoculars etc with waterproof bags or at the least a protective case or bag.

We can provide additional fleeces and waterproof jackets for both adults and children (free of charge).

Why don't you take passengers who are pregnant or have a bad back?

We are sorry when this causes disappointment but we've taken specialist medical advice and decided to err on the side of caution. While we can take passengers with medical conditions which should not impact on their safety or enjoyment on board, we do not take people who have a medical condition or injury which may put them at increased risk. Any boat, be it a RIB, a traditional slow boat or even a ferry, can move unpredictably due to the sea, wind etc, however careful the handling. Boat movements which will cause no discomfort to those lucky enough not to have significant back or neck problems may cause discomfort (or worse, damage) to those who do. If in doubt we ask that passengers consult a doctor before booking.