The Skippers

Our skippers have been safely operating high performance RIBs around the Pembrokeshire coast for over 30 years, far above the minimum legal standards for licensing. They are fully licensed by the Marine Coastguard Agency and certified by the RYA in First Aid at Sea.

Venture Jet is committed to promoting water safety for both passengers and other water users. If you are concerned about the safety of any water user, please report it to the Coastguard. At Whitesands beach please report any concerns to the lifeguards first, who will investigate or request us to do so.

We have a long history of rescue work, as surf lifeguards, Auxiliary Coastguards and as part of our daily work for Ocean Dynamics, which has produced a range of rescue boats which are used around the world. We will never put our passengers at undue risk in order to perform rescues but we ask that you be sympathetic if we have to delay or prolong your trip in order to assist someone.

The Boat

The boat is licensed and inspected by the Marine Coastguard Agency. It conforms both to the Marine Coastguard Agency Passenger Boat Code and to the more stringent Workboat Code, with annual external inspections by an independent marine surveyor approved by the Marine Coastguard Agency. It is fully equipped with navigational and safety equipment. We carry a life raft (which we have never had to use!) and DSC VHF radio equipment.

We check the boat thoroughly every day and the running gear is serviced regularly. The boat and its equipment exceed rigorous government regulations.

Our staff are trained in emergency procedures, which we practice and review regularly.


All passengers are fitted with lifejackets and given an appropriate safety briefing. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us and we make every effort to keep you and your belongings safe but there is an element of risk involved in any activity at sea. We request that you listen carefully to safety briefings and work with us to ensure your safety and enjoyment. We carry full public liability insurance. Our shore crew log passenger names and contact details for each trip (plus details of medical conditions confidentially where appropriate) and are in contact with the boat.

Please note for your safety and enjoyment: the sea and alcohol do not mix! If passengers appear to be intoxicated in any form they will not be permitted to board and we will not be able to offer a refund.

Medical Conditions and Injuries

If you have a medical condition or injury which may affect your safety or enjoyment on board it is vital that you discuss it with us in advance. We will do our best to accommodate your needs but it is your responsibility to disclose relevant medical details.

While we can take passengers with medical conditions which should not impact on their safety or enjoyment on board, we do not take people who have a medical condition or injury which may put them at increased risk. Any boat, be it a RIB, a traditional slow boat or even a ferry, can move unpredictably due to the sea, wind etc, however careful the handling. Boat movements which will cause no discomfort to those lucky enough not to have significant back or neck problems may cause discomfort (or worse, damage) to those who do.

We are sorry when this causes disappointment but we’ve taken specialist medical advice and decided to err on the side of caution. If in doubt we ask that passengers consult a doctor before booking.


For reasons of safety, young people under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Our medical adviser has determined that boat trips are only suitable for small children when weather and sea conditions are good and the trip is tailored to the needs of the youngest. With this in mind we offer family friendly trips or charters for groups wishing to take small children. We have child-sized sailing jackets on board, together with lifejackets. Please contact us to discuss the individual needs of your children.

Safety and Cancellations

All trips are subject to sea and weather conditions. Please contact us before you set out for your trip to confirm that conditions are suitable. We reserve the right to cancel your trip at any point in the event of adverse weather or sea conditions due to stringent safety criteria. If we have to cancel your trip for any reason we will offer an alternative trip or a full refund.

Skipper’s decision is final.